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During the month of November, 1895, the Fish and Fur Club was organized by a group of hunters, trappers, and fisherman from Nelsonville. These men met at the home of one of the hunters, the late L.W. Jaycox, located to the east and adjacent to Champlin's Blacksmith Shop.

After occupying the room at the Jaycox residence for three years, the club decided to enlarge a bit and moved to the George Speedling Building on the corner of Main and Division Streets, known as the Market Corner. There they remained until the spring of 1905. The club then purchased from Jaosiah Ferris a lot located on the corner of Main and Pearl Streets. Bonds were then sold to all members of the club to erect a new club house. The building was erected by a local contractor, named Martin Adams, for the sum of 1500 dollars complete. In November 1905 a coon supper was held for the members, their wives and friends in the official opening of the new clubhouse.

In 1955, however, with the completion of the present day Nelsonville Firehouse, the Fish and Fur Club moved next door to 260 Main St. and the Village of Nelsonville assumed occupation of 258 Main St. where the Village Clerk and Town Meetings have been housed ever since.


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