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The Nelsonville Fire Company

(left-right) Nelson Delanoy, Bill Ferris, Phoenix Schaeffer, John Brooks and Art Goldfarb

"The Nelsonville Fire Department, Inc."

by Walter Scholefield (1955)

The Nelsonville Fire Department was organized and incorporated on April 14, 1923. The first meeting was held on September 8, 1923 in the Fish and Fur Club rooms. The first officers elected were; Chief Engineer, John Brooks; Foreman, Phoenix Schaeffer; 1st Assistant Foreman, Sam MacAllister; 2nd Assistant Foreman, Norman Champlin; Secretary, Harry Mekeel and Treasurer, J. Dorsey Monroe.

The first fire apparatus in use was a hose cart containing approximately 599 feet of hose which had to be pulled manually to the scene of the fire. This was replaced in 1926 by a 6 cylinder overland car donated by Frederick Culbert and converted into a fire apparatus by the Department. In 1930 a new Brockway truck was purchased and remained in use until after World War II when the present Army surplus engine was purchased.

Between 1924 and 1955 the Fire Department was located within the premises of the present day Fish and Fur Club, next door to the Village Hall. In 1951 property was purchased farther east on Main Street for construction of a new station house. The building was finished in 1955 and the Fish and Fur Club moved from Village Hall into the vacated Fire House.

Sadly, in the beginning of 2003 the Nelsonville Fire Department dispanded, there equipment sold off or donated to other departments. The Village now falls into the jurisdiction of the Cold Spring Fire Department and the old firehouse has now become a substation for the Putnam County Sheriffs Department.

Driver, Judge Hustis; Phoenix Schaeffer; Frederick Perpall on rear

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